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Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee hosts an annual Memorial Service at the Hall of Justice which honors deceased members of the Association and causes memorial resolutions to be written and read at the annual service.

Honorable Frank P. Geraci

MCBA Staff Liaison
Liz Novak

2014 Memorial Service
Friday, November 14
12:30 - 2:00 p.m.
Courtroom 404, Hall of Justice

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The following individuals will be honored:
Curtis W. Barker
Richard M. Brindisi
Richard A. Calabrese
Richard B. Callen
C. Richard Cole
Louis D'Amanda II
William T. French
Paul A. Fischer
Bernard Gastel
Robert V. Gianniny
Lloyd L. Hurst
Steven E. Laprade
Laura Beth Specht Monte
Joseph F. Papa
Benjamin Phelosof
Irving Pheterson
Drew B. Ramsey
Joseph C. Rinere
William G. Servis
Michael J. Shortley, III
Robert L. Teamerson
Vincent D. Trinker