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Tech Tools

Web Presence

SEO Tips for Lawyers
If you have a website, you could probably use some Search Engine Optimization tips. This blogpost offers five easy SEO tips for law firms of all sizes, including understanding keywords and guest-posting on high-profile blogs.

Social Media

Using Social Media to Network 

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? You should be. Not only do these social networks provide great opportunities for networking; they also provide a platform to exchange information and boost SEO for your website. It's time to rethink social media.

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How Should Law Firms Approach Social Media?

This article from the ABA's Law Practice magazine offers great tips for social media policy and branding.  

Google's Me on the Web
Wary of joining social media sites because of privacy concerns? Google has a new feature that makes it easy to monitor your web identity. Visit Google's  Public Policy Blog for more information.

Twitter Dos and Don'ts

Adapted from Law Practice Magazine  

1. Do consider the quality, not the quantity, of your followers. Followers who truly read and consider your tweets and, on occasion, retweet them to others are best.

2. Don't over-tweet. Tweets should be weighed, not counted. Send tweets that are practical, helpful, interesting or informative. Even funny things are fine. 

 3. Do use groups or lists and specialized Twitter tools to manage your tweets. Use to shorten and track tweets.  

 4. Don't take it too seriously. Tweet to have fun. It's a great and easy way to share snippets of information with friends and strangers, and if it brings a client or two to your door, that's a nice bonus.

 5. Do follow @mcba_ny - we follow back! 

Whether you’re on LinkedIn or thinking about it, here is an article about some of its updates: “Help! My LinkedIn Profile Has Changed.” Click here for the article.

Tech Tools

What Tech Tool Do I Use for That?
“How do I do that? It is one of the challenges we all live with in today’s times. We need to do something with our technology, and we are aware that there are technology tools to do it. We just aren’t sure which of the many available tools is appropriate and how much training, installation and setup will be required to make it happen….”

Click here for full article.

RSS Reader

If you read a lot of blogs or other types of web content, you should have an RSS reader.  RSS readers (like Google Reader and feeddemon) allow you to access all your information in one place. When a blog is updated or new information comes in, your RSS reader will instantly be notified. Be prepared to never have to use bookmarks again!

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Lawyers

Adapted from Law Practice Magazine  

Fastcase is a free app that can quickly access any case or statute. 

NY Statutes App is the complete collection of Legal Codes for the State of New York. All 90 laws are included. The app costs $4. 

Calvetica, the fast calendar for iPhone, is much quicker than the built-in iPhone Calendar. It costs $3 and will save you time entering and viewing your appointments 

iPad Law Apps Blog
As many iPad users know, the tablet is the only computer you need outside of the office. The blog regularly offers hints and tips about relevant apps, new technologies, and life made easier.

Evernote is an organizing system for those who have a LOT to organize - photos, notes, reminders, and more.  This cloud application allows you to type text notes, make lists, record voice notes, store photos, screen shots, travel receipts, itineraries and practically any other item you can think of.

Transitioning your Practice to the Cloud

Small Firm Innovation

A great read for any size firm about using cloud technology to simplify your firm.

Click here to read the article.  

Passwords - Finding Relief for Password Problems in the Cloud
Who doesn’t have password problems? Read this article for some solutions.

Other Resources

Monroe County Clerk Electronic Indexing.  The Clerk Electronic Indexing website provides free access to public records. Retrieve deeds, mortgages, discharges of mortgages, judgments, notices of pendency, UCC financing statements, and certain other documents. 

RescueTime is a web-based time tracking system. It tracks the websites you visit and software you use, and reports the time you spend at each, giving you a better idea of your productivity. RescueTime offers a free individual version that you can download.

Paperless Prebill is a new ADERANT Expert module that helps firms streamline the prebill process. Paperless Prebill provides an electronic method of distributing prebills for review, narrative editing, markup acceptance and approvals. It can reduce costs, improve billing cycles and ultimately increase cash flow.   

WorkFlowy is a tool you can use to organize large projects, take notes, write papers, make lists, and more. It uses outlines to help organize any topic you need it to. You can also create outlines within outlines, and break a project up into tasks. Workflowy is a free tool, so start using it today! 

When was the last time you gave your computer a check-up? DiskCheckup is free for home use and will warn you of impending problems.