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As printed in the Daily Record
Safely surfing and protecting legal information
By Denise M. Champagne
September 12, 2014
Technology has brought data storage a long way from putting papers in a folder and locking them in a file cabinet.

MCBA President's Message as printed in The Daily Record
Count on the bar to have your back
By Steve Modica
September 10, 2014
My law firm is blessed with talented, dedicated and hard-working employees.

As printed in the Democrat & Chronicle
Minority Clerkship Program Making Inroads
June 21, 2014
As a civil and criminal justice lawyer who spends much of his time at the Hall of Justice, Michael Wolford saw a distinct pattern when it comes to those charged with crimes versus lawyers who represent them.

MCBA President's Message as printed in The Daily Record
Working hard to make the bar work for you
By Diane Cecero
November 14, 2013
As we come close to wrapping up our annual membership process, we are approaching 2,000 returning and new members. Thank you for joining and participating.

MCBA President's Message as printed in The Daily Record
The importance of voting on the judiciary
By Diane Cecero
October 10, 2013
Nov. 5 is Election Day. I, like many of you, will go to the polls. As lawyers, this is a responsibility we take seriously

As printed in The Daily Record
On the Town: Young Lawyers Section takes sunset cruise
By Daily Record Staff
September 16, 2013
Members of the Monroe County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section enjoyed their third annual sunset cruise aboard the Mary Jemison

As printed in The Daily Record
What exactly does a super lawyer do?
By Diane Cecero
September 12, 2013
Recently, the 2013 Upstate New York edition of Super Lawyers arrived in my mailbox. I dived into it, enjoying the long lists of friends who were listed there.

As printed in The Daily Record
Attorney help students with schoolwork
By Mike Murphy
September 10, 2013
Crayons, pencils, and red, green and purple folders. A box of markers and a glue stick. Sorting through the supplies packed into a dark blue backpack, Shareen Randolph said these will do just nicely for class and homework.

President's Message as printed in The Daily Record
Trustees implement new judicial evaluation rules
By Diane Cecero
August 8, 2013
Almost three years ago, the Monroe County Bar Association Board of Trustees appointed a task force to study the MCBA’s judicial evaluation process. The work of this task force was completed under the leadership of Bryan Hetherington as chair.

President's Message as printed in The Daily Record
New president sets goals for the MCBA's next year
By Diane Cecero
July 11, 2013
I assume this presidency in my 35th year of practice, with a career that has been exciting, demanding, and enriching. It is enriching in many ways because of the collegial relationships with you — my lawyer brothers and sisters.

As printed in The Daily Record
On The Town: YLS hosts its fifth silent auction
By Daily Record Staff
June 21, 2013
Dozens of young lawyers — and not-so-young lawyers — gathered Tuesday evening to raise money for the Rochester Teen Court.