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How to Choose A Lawyer

How To Choose A Lawyer serves as an unbiased resource to the public when the need arises to retain an attorney for different types of legal matters. This area of the website provides guidance on ways to find a lawyer and choosing the right lawyer for your legal matter. General information has been provided about attorney fees and legal costs, as well as your rights as a client. The intent is to provide the public with information about attorneys in general and questions to ask of the attorneys being considered for a legal matter as well as links to other potentially helpful sites.

Choosing the right lawyer

Statements of Client’s Rights & Responsibilities
Published by the New York State Bar Association

The links below provide a listing of the expectations you should have in dealing with an attorney both at the outset of your relationship and also going forward.  It also provides a listing of the lawyer's expectations of you in moving forward with your legal matter.
Statement of Client's Rights
Statement of Client's Responsibility (PDF document)

Preparing for your first meeting