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Lawyer Referral Service

The MCBA's Lawyer Referral Service online self-referral can get you in touch with the right attorney for your needs.

How it works:

Fill out the online form and choose the area of law that you need an attorney in. In most situations, you will need to pay the $40.00 referral fee before you receive the name and contact information of the attorney. Call the attorney and set up an appointment for your (up to) 30 minute consultation. If you do not know the area of law you need, please call the LRS staff at 585-546-2130 for assistance.

The LRS staff are NOT attorneys and cannot provide you with any legal advice.  If you need an attorney and there is a panel member properly suited for your legal issue, the LRS staff will charge you a $40.00 referral fee (in most situations). In turn, the attorney will consult with you for up to a half hour at no charge.

The attorneys who participate in this service are private attorneys who charge regular rates as determined by them. If you are looking for a pro-bono attorney, you may want to try the Volunteer Legal Service Project (585) 232-3051 or Legal Aid (585) 232-4090.

The MCBA is located in Rochester, NY and all referrals will be made to attorneys located in Monroe County, New York.

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