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Switching to Online

The MCBA has officially launched the new online Lawyer Referral Service platform! This transition to online will not only help guide our clients in the right direction, but will help our qualified attorneys better serve our community members with diverse needs.

We have partnered with Community. Lawyer, P.B.C. to allow public access to an attorney in our panel, from areas of law such as bankruptcy, family law, employment, personal injury, workers compensation, disability, taxes and more.

For more information about the online platform’s services and features, click here!
To visit the online Lawyer Referral Service, click here https://monroe.community.lawyer/

If you are currently not a panel member for the Lawyer Referral Service but are interested, email dryan@mcba.org or call 585.402.7187 to join! Becoming a member is not only a great source of business, but is a great way to serve your community to ensure equal access to justice.