Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

12:15 PM-2:00 PM

The Rubin Center for Education
  • Legal Service Providers $40.00
  • MCBA Member $70.00
  • New Admittees $40.00
  • Non-Member $110.00
  • Student/Non-Atty/Auditing Atty $35.00
  • Young Lawyers Section $60.00
A panel of lawyers and journalists will address: * Coverage of high-profile matters and how the media finds and utilizes information about legal stories and individual practice areas * Restrictions on the use of information, such as prior restraints and ethical limits * Unique issues raised by social media platforms and online information * How these issues play out in real cases, crises and news stories Lawyer attendees will gain the following actionable knowledge: * Appreciating how the media or online communities report on information * Identifying media and online discussions, and how to respond effectively * Planning for limits imposed by courts or others on communication Media attendees will gain the following actionable knowledge * Understanding how the First Amendment works * Descriptions of how social media platforms and online providers manage speech * Identifying sources of information (such as courts) and limits upon the use of information
Credit Status: Approved
  • Professional Practice (2)
  • Lynette Adams

  • Gary Craig

  • Scott L. Malouf

  • Christopher D. Thomas

  • Veronica Volk