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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

12:00 PM-2:05 PM

  • Legal Services $60.00
  • Members $100.00
  • New Admittee $60.00
  • NonAtty/AuditingAtty $55.00
  • Non-Members $150.00
  • Student $10.00
  • YLS Members $85.00
This seminar will explore the requirements of the new Title IX regulations as they apply to colleges and universities that accept federal funding. Panelists will present a “then and now” comparison with case studies, discuss relevant legal principles, policies and procedures of institutions, and the requirements of the investigative process. The program is open to both lawyers and university employees who deal with Title IX issues and processes. Register online or contact Susan Hearn at shearn@mcba.org
Credit Status: Approved
  • Professional Practice (1.5)
  • Skills (1)
  • Stacy DeRooy

  • Hon. Craig J. Doran

  • Catherine Farina

  • Hon. Kristina A. Karle

  • Robert S. King

  • Morgan Levy

  • Hon. Thomas M. VanStrydonck