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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

12:00 PM-1:40 PM

  • Criminal Justice $70.00
  • Legal Services $50.00
  • Members $80.00
  • New Admittee $50.00
  • NonAtty/Aud.Atty $45.00
  • Non-Members $120.00
  • Student $5.00
  • YLS $70.00
Join Fourth Department Clerk Mark Bennett and Deputy Clerk Alan Ross as they discuss e-filing in the Fourth Department, including the new rules, effective July 1, governing e-filing in criminal and Family Court appeals. Our panelists will discuss the origin and mechanics of e-filing in the Fourth Department, the way the rules that apply to criminal and Family Court appeals were conceived and will continue to evolve and plans for expanding e-filing in the future. They will also answer any questions and respond to any concerns about the new rules. If you practice in the Fourth Department, you will not want to miss this timely program. Register online or contact Susan Hearn at shearn@mcba.org.
Credit Status: Approved
  • Skills (2)
  • Mark W. Bennett

  • Robert C. Brucato

  • Mary Beth Conway

  • Drew R. DuBrin

  • Alan L. Ross