Your Downtown Office Space

MCBA members can use the MCBA office facilities at the Telesca Center for Justice in downtown Rochester.  If you need a conference room to meet with clients, or just a quite space to work while downtown, the MBCA has space available at no cost to members.  

The Monroe County Bar Association is proud to be a valuable resource for the Rochester area legal community.  We are committed to providing premier facilities for meetings, training seminars, and conferences.  There is also a notary on staff at the MCBA available for members.  

In an effort to continue offering the best meeting space possible, we have put some guidelines in place for usage of the conference rooms. We would like to make all MCBA members aware of what we offer as well as what their responsibilities are when utilizing the shared space. It is important that members know that returning the rooms to the condition they were in before meetings is the responsibility of the meeting’s facilitator and not that of MCBA staff. Adherence to the guidelines will allow us to continue to maintain our excellent facilities as well as ensure your meeting needs are being met.

Please submit this special request form to be submitted at least five business days prior to your program to fulfill any special needs. There will be a copy of guidelines in each of the conference rooms for your reference. For information about guidelines when using any of our facilities, please contact Diane Hill at